ecoa solar installs solar in the Town of Rocky Mountain House, Clearwater County and surrounding areas.


ecoa solar specializes in solar photo voltaic installation and was created in 2021 to meet the growing demand for clean energy along with the desire to support and help drive the the zero emission economy forward. We live in an exciting time with the opportunity to make real change in the way we produce energy. Here in Alberta we benefit from one of the best solar resources in Canada, ideal conditions to help solar generation make a major impact for the environment and the day-to-day lives of Albertans.

Whatever the reason(s) you are considering solar generation, be it offsetting or eliminating monthly electricity bills, lowering your carbon footprint, contributing to your own energy independence or off grid project, tangibly reducing pollution for your kids or grandkids, we have the skills to help make this a reality for you. Solar power is a reliable and low cost energy solution and we can help you take advantage of municipal and federal programs that make the installation even more cost effective.

We are a Qualified Contractor with the Clean Energy Improvement Program (CEIP/PACE) and eligible to install under the Federal Greener Homes Grant.

ecoa solar is a division of the custom home builder Shunda Creek Contracting Ltd.

5.36kW on garage 4/12 pitch 180°
5.36kW on garage 4/12 pitch 180°
8.64kW expansion on house 3/12 pitch
The "Solar Express" lifting PV modules
4.74kW roof mount solar on garage 10/12 pitch
7.92kW roof mount solar 3 sides of house 6/12 pitch
6.48kW roof mount solar on house 12/12 pitch
6.48kW roof mount solar on house 12/12 pitch
4.875kW roof mount solar on house 12/12 pitch 180°
7.2kW on house
7.2kW on house
The "Solar Express" hard at work again
5.46kW on house flat roof 180°
4.5kW on house 180°
7.92kW on house 180°